What's Your Thing?

Everybody's good at something. Whether it's art, writing, cooking, sports, learning, singing, leading, etc. In fact, most of us are multi-talented. Most of us are actually quite good at several things. However, we are really good, really passionate about one thing. Your thing is your lever.

Jesus was a freak. He was good - no, great - at everything. Probably the best thing He was good at, however, was being opportunistic. He used opportunities to leverage His influence upon people like no other person I can think of. He was so good at sizing up the opportunity, and then taking advantage of it. Sick? He would heal. Dead? He would revive. Proud? He would humble. Disgraced? He would honor. Discarded? He would love. Hungry? He would feed. Lost? He would die. Each opportunity was used to glorify God, not himself.

So, what's your thing? How can you use it to glorify God?