Power Outtage: Musings from Day 1

First off, as I'm writing this (Sunday evening) I know there are people who still do not have power. Having been without for 5 days myself, my prayers and thoughts are with them.

This past week has been the most humbling, eye-opening, desperate, thought-provoking, and yet awesome week I've experienced in a while. For those who are unaware, Oklahoma was hit with a major ice storm this past week that knocked out electricity to over half a million people. My wife and I went without power from early Monday morning until Friday afternoon last week. To say it was challenging would be an understatement.

So, throughout this week, God revealed a lot of things to me. This week I'd like to share some of them with all of you, and I hope they inspire, motivate, and/or cause you to pause and reflect. More than anything, I would love to have your comments. We all grow from each other - iron sharpening iron.

Day #1:
  • I'm blown away by the awesome power of ice. Ice, more specifically its weight, had literally bowed 100 year old oak trees completely over to the ground. It was eery driving around and seeing not one or two, but hundreds of treetops doubled over and touching the ground. It's almost as if they were worshipping God themselves.
  • People panic. On Day #1, I had to drive an hour away to buy a set of gas logs for my fireplace because there were none to be had in the Tulsa metro after 12 noon. That went for generators, propane tanks and space heaters as well. All gone in a matter of hours. Grocery stores were practically barren as well. For me, Monday was a small glimpse into what the aftermath of the Rapture might look like. Not pretty.
  • My personal security rests waaaaay too much on things of this world (i.e. electricity, TV, internet, etc.). It's no coincidence God brought this verse to me one morning, and I was ashamed to have to confess before him where my trusts and boasts have been as of late. When these items were taken away, I felt as if my foundation was shaken to the core. I'm thankful God reminded me of Who, not what, is my Rock.

What's the one thing you would miss the most if you lost electricity for a week?