I've been tagged...you may be next!

OK. So my good friend Natalie, who my wife and I miss like crazy (and her numnums too), just tagged me. I'm supposed to post 6 uninteresting things about myself - which I'm finding extremely difficult to do because I am nothing but interesting. Right.

Here goes:

  1. My favorite cologne right now is a $20 bottle I bought at Bath & Body Works called "C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries" Black. I joke with my wife that instead of "Bigelow" it should be "Jigelow" because it makes me smell sexy! (No, she didn't laugh.)
  2. At night while I watch TV with the Mrs., I subconsiously start popping by big toes simultaneously. (Yes, I'm really stretching to be uninteresting here folks.)
  3. I recently got a new putter. It's a SeeMore just like the one my favorite golf pro, Payne Stewart, used. I have been putting lights out ever since. (Is that interesting? If so, kindly disregard.)
  4. Right now I'm watching the wind blow through the trees across the street from my pharmacy. They were all heavily damaged in the ice storm and I'm just waiting for one of them to come crashing down soon.
  5. When I drive, I like to drum along with the song on my steering wheel. I'm probably the best steering-wheel drummer I know.
  6. I think six is a wierd number. It looks like a niner got a little top-heavy and just fell right on its face.

Now I tag Derrick, Cap'n Coastley, Lauren, Anne, Ryan, and Landon.

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Disturbing Scriptures

Have you ever read something in the Bible that just freaked you out? I mean, just caused you to stop......and ponder......and fret........just a little? I'd like to share a few with you this week that have affected me in this manner. I hope you chime in!

Freaky Scripture Numero Uno: Matthew 7:15-23

Context: Jesus' warning against false prophets.

OK, so I know the object of this passage deals with false prophets. But, can I be honest? Verse 23 d-i-s-t-u-r-b-s me. Here's why:
  • These "false prophets" did some amazing things, like drive out demons and perform miracles. You can't do that without faith and/or God's help. And yet, Jesus didn't know them.
  • The Greek word for "know" is ginosko (pronounced ghin-oce'-ko). You can read about it and all the verses that use it in the NT here. Basically, it means to recognize, to be aware of, to have knowledge of, and to become acquainted with. Jesus did not ginosko these people.
  • These people acknowledged Jesus as "Lord" and He acknowledged them as "evildoers."
  • Jesus' tone in this passage is very terse. You can tell He meant business. He wasn't going to show them any mercy whatsoever - only the judgement they deserved. This Jesus isn't a very popular one in our liberal circles of society.

I'm disturbed most of all because I know I can be, much like these false prophets, hypocritical at times - and this passage lets me know exactly how my Lord feels about it. How does it make you feel?

There's No Place Like Home....

I got the greatest news yesterday. It was from my accountability partner, Kevin, and he was informing me that he, his wife Hope, and their son Phinehas are coming home for good.....from Uganda. Their adoption story is one of long-suffering, love, frustration, and faithfulness. I thought I'd share the timeline with you (as best I can remember):

  • October 2005: Kevin and Hope file paperwork with an adoptive agency from Uganda to adopt a baby boy. They name him Phinehas. You can read about his namesake here.
  • March 2006: Hope leaves for Uganda, on short notice and alone, for a court appearance to adopt Phin. Kevin was going to join her soon thereafter, but a MINOR clerical error on the part of their Ugandan attorney turned an expected 3 week visit into a 3 year ordeal. Ugandan law stipulates adoptive parents must foster for 3 years before an adoption is approved. The Little's intended to "foster" Phin in America, but the clerical error prevented that from being an option.
  • May 2006: Kevin goes to Uganda to spend a few short weeks with his wife and to meet his son for the first time. They learn the basics of the Ugandan court system - a 6-week-cycle of criminal trials then civil trials. If they could not get a court date scheduled during the 6 weeks of civil trials, Hope would have to wait another 6 weeks.
  • June 2006: Hope was set to appear before a judge who seemed to be very compassionate towards her situation, and who seemed ready to approve their paperwork so Hope and Phin could come home - but died literally days before their court appearance. Another 6 week set-back.
  • August 2006: Kevin gets to visit again for a few weeks.
  • September - November 2006: Frustrating attempts to get original "mistake" over-turned by Ugandan higher courts are not proving fruitful. Hope feels like she's getting the run-a-round.
  • December 2006: Kevin gets to visit, again for just a few short weeks.
  • January 2007 - March 2007: More delays as the judges are "researching" the Little's appeal.
  • April 2007: After 13 months, Hope comes home without Phin for a break. Since arriving in Uganda, she has been Phin's sole care-giver without much assistance. (Yes, Hope Little is a stud!)
  • June 2007: Hope returns to Uganda. The Little's apply for a visa to bring Phin back to the U.S. while they await the results of the appeal.
  • August 2007: Kevin visits Hope and Phin. Amazingly enough, the U.S. embassy is proving to be a real hindrance to their quest to bring Phin home on a visa. They also get some good news - their appeal was granted! However, due to the original wording of the appeal by the presiding judge, the U.S. embassy would not grant a visa for Phin to come to the U.S. Hope and Kevin begin to contemplate getting a visa to another country and moving there together. Kevin returns for the start of the Fall semester at TU.
  • October 2007: Hope returns to the states without Phin. However, she quickly has to return as Phin's caregiver needed emergency gall-bladder surgery.
  • November 2007: Kevin visits briefly. They decide, for the sake of their family, it would be best for Kevin to leave his position with the campus ministry he worked for and move to Uganda until their 3-year foster period was completed (October 2008).
  • January 2008: Kevin moves to Uganda.
  • April 2008: In a surprising turn of events, Phin is granted a "compassionate" visa, which allows him to be brought to America. Kevin and Hope are bringing their baby boy home!

This post is long for one reason....the Little's passion and love for this little boy is long-lasting. I'm so proud of them, especially for the sacrifices they have made to bring this little child into their family. Without a doubt, Phin knows his mommy and daddy love him tremendously - and God does too.

Would you join me in praying for the Little's as they transition back to the States and that Phin would adjust well to his new country?

From the Redunkulous Files

So I read Dan Brown's "The Davinci Code" and laughed all the way through it. It's so full of historical fallacies and inaccuracies it's humorous.

Here's a reason why I'm not laughing now. Big-time, well-known movie director on a mission - and not a good one at that. He's got an agenda, street cred from his body of work, and millions of ears tuned-in. Scary.

C'mon people, we've got to be all about The Truth! It breaks my heart that people like this director are searching for The Truth, but haven't found Him yet.

How does this happen? How do people keep missing The Truth? What are you going to do about it today?

I'm Officially in The Matrix...

So this morning I had to get fingerprinted. Don't worry, I'm not in trouble or anything - just a formality for something we got "cooking in the kitchen" per se. When the time's right, trust me, I'm planning on blogging about it all.

Anyways, so I go to the Sheriff's office early this morning and I'm expecting to be slathered in black, sticky ink that won't come off with steel wool and a tub of Comet. Much to my surprise, those days are over! My fingerprints were scanned electronically - no ink, no fuss! Then I realized my prints are now probably being uploaded and downloaded into some mother database server in the basement of some governmental building so they could be readily accessed by any number of agencies at their whim. Looks like I'll never get to be an international super-duper pharmacist spy now that my prints are on The Grid. Dang!

Have you ever been fingerprinted?

Need Help...You?

So, it just hit me like a ton of bricks that I haven't posted anything new since April 10th. Dang time flies....

So, here's some of the reasons for my mini-sabblogical (sabbatical + blog):

  • I was sick (but to quote Monty Python's Holy Grail: "I'm getting better!")
  • Michele's been sick (and still not 100% by any means) and I've been trying to be super-hubby to her
  • Work's been unusually hectic (we had a technician gone all last week for her honeymoon)
  • Dealing with LifeGroup Coaching issues
  • Dealing with personal issues that I'm not quite ready to go blog-o-spheric with yet

So, (whew!) all this to say is I've been drained...no creative juices...zippo. But I know why. Inconsistent time with God, His Word, and prayer. I need help. Please pray for me.


The Masters - Caddies

I love the game of golf. One of the reasons I love it so much is because of caddies and the manner by which they serve their player. Which got me to thinking....

What if Jesus had a caddy?

  • He wouldn't have been the one washing the disciples' feet.
  • There would've been three people on the lake that night.
  • He wouldn't have had to endure those 40 days alone.
  • He would've had a much better ride into town - his caddy would've seen to that.
  • He would've had something more thirst-quenching when He needed it most.

Come to think of it, Jesus did have a caddy at one point in His life and he's mentioned here. He served his Pro well.

How can you be Jesus' caddy today?

The Masters - Amateurs

The Masters tournament is full of time-honored traditions. The tournament's founder, Bobby Jones, was not only the greatest golfer to ever play the game, but he did so entirely as an amateur. Mr. Jones was a lawyer by trade, but somehow found a way to maintain a championship-caliber golf game in spite of balancing his job and family resposibilities. Pure, God-given talent and passion had a lot to do with it, I'm quite sure. In spite of the numerous tournaments he won, he never accepted any of the prize money - including in 1930 when he won the Grand Slam of golf, which has never been accomplished in the same calendar year since.

Here's how The Masters honors amateurs today:
  • Winners of the most prestigious amateur tournaments in the world receive invitations to compete.
  • If they choose, 5 amateurs may stay in The Crow's Nest, which is a room located in the topmost floor of the Augusta clubhouse. It is a room rich with history, as the walls are adorned with photographs and sketches of past Masters.
  • The defending Masters champion is always paired with the current U.S. Amateur champion for the first two days of the tournament.
  • The Masters awards the Silver Cup to the amateur who shoots the lowest score after making the cut. This award is presented to them on live TV in the presence of the tournament winner.

There are many more, but I'll wrap this up with one final thought: I see "tentmakers" as "amatuer" ministers. They don't take a penny for the ministry they perform. They do it "for the love of the game." Like Bobby Jones, they can leave a tremendous legacy if they would just "compete."

What are some ways you can "get in the game" this week? Month? Year?


So you've probably noticed I've made some color changes to my blog. This is indeed as a tribute to my favorite golf tournament of all time - The Masters. There are several things I like about this tournament, and they include:
  • It's the ONLY major tournament played at the same site every year - Augusta National Golf Club.
  • It is an "invitational" tournament only. To be invited to play is truly an honor.
  • It's the ONLY tournament that honors its past winners with a lifetime invitation to compete every year they wish. So, Arnold Palmer could still throw his hat in the ring at the ripe ol' age of 79 if he wanted! Awesome!
  • It's the ONLY tournament that honors its past champions who are past their prime (i.e. Arnold Palmer) by inviting them to be "honorary starters." Basically, they get to hit the first tee shots of the tournament on Thursday morning, as if they were still competing.
  • Augusta National Golf Club was designed and built by Bobby Jones - the best golfer this planet has seen. Mr. Jones competed his entire life as an amateur (he was a lawyer by day); he never once accepted any prize money for the tournaments he won, which included all 4 majors in one season in 1930 - a feat which has never since been repeated.
  • The course is immaculate. But its beauty is deceptive - the course has brought many, many tough competitors to tears.

I could go on and on, but this post would be too long to read. So what, if anything, do you like about The Masters?

What God Doesn't Know...

Sorry I'm posting this so late in the day. I've been chiming in on Scott William's blog most of the day. You can chime in too here.

Final installment. Let's do this....

God doesn't know............................................... how to quit.

He doesn't know how to quit....

Fill in the blank: One thing God hasn't quit on me is_______________. (Don't quit on me!)

My Dream Job...

Oh my gosh! Why have I never heard of this amazing charity opportunity before? I will so do this at some point in my future! To be a caddy for a tour pro would be a lot of hard work (those bags weigh anywhere from 60-90 lbs!), but it would be soooooooooo cool!

If you know anyone who would like to do this, send them an email or direct them to the link above. Right now, up for grabs is Justin Leonard, Boo Weekly, and Woody Austin. It would be great to be on any of their bags for a week.

What God Doesn't Know....

Have you ever received a gift from someone that completely blew you away because it was so generous? I remember recieving a pretty large check from a distant relative when I graduated from high school. I was it total shock! I'd never received that large a sum of money from anyone ever! This leads me to my next point....

God doesn't know.............................................. ..how to stop giving lavishly to His children.

Here's a few examples from Scripture (you are clicking on these links aren't you?)...

God can't stop giving! He's like an excited dad shopping in a toy store at Christmas for his kids. I'm not talking about merely monetary or material blessings, but everlasting spiritual blessings too.

What has He given you lately?

What God Doesn't Know...

Postmodernists will have a problem with this next one. If you don't know what "postmodernism" is, I'd like to invite you to explore its meaning here. In a nutshell, its the philosophical position that truth is relative depending upon what your perspective of truth might be. So, with that said....

God doesn't know......................any other Way to Heaven than Jesus.

I realize some people might be offended by such a statement, particularly the Jehovah's, Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Scientologists, etc. Each of these other religions has their own perspective on Heaven and how one actually gets there. However, God says...

Postmoderns tend to think there are many ways to Heaven. God, by His Word, would suggest otherwise.

Have you ever struggled with offending someone by telling them the One Way to Heaven?

What God Doesn't Know...

You may think I'm crazy, or at least sacreligious, but I believe there are some things than God doesn't know. In fact, I triple-dog-dare you to prove me wrong! I have come to these conclusions after years of reading and studying Scripture. I invite you to do the same. So, if you're willing to take me up on my offer, stick with me this week and I'll show you some of the things God doesn't know.

God doesn't know.......... how to love you anymore than He already does.

God's love is...

What else could you say about God's love for you?