I'm Officially in The Matrix...

So this morning I had to get fingerprinted. Don't worry, I'm not in trouble or anything - just a formality for something we got "cooking in the kitchen" per se. When the time's right, trust me, I'm planning on blogging about it all.

Anyways, so I go to the Sheriff's office early this morning and I'm expecting to be slathered in black, sticky ink that won't come off with steel wool and a tub of Comet. Much to my surprise, those days are over! My fingerprints were scanned electronically - no ink, no fuss! Then I realized my prints are now probably being uploaded and downloaded into some mother database server in the basement of some governmental building so they could be readily accessed by any number of agencies at their whim. Looks like I'll never get to be an international super-duper pharmacist spy now that my prints are on The Grid. Dang!

Have you ever been fingerprinted?


Roger Garrett said...

Ah I have been fingerprinted 3 times all for banking industry stuff but never with the new scanners

andrew said...

Have you guys not renewed your drivers license in a while? You are now required to give a fingerprint scan when you get a new license.