There's No Place Like Home....

I got the greatest news yesterday. It was from my accountability partner, Kevin, and he was informing me that he, his wife Hope, and their son Phinehas are coming home for good.....from Uganda. Their adoption story is one of long-suffering, love, frustration, and faithfulness. I thought I'd share the timeline with you (as best I can remember):

  • October 2005: Kevin and Hope file paperwork with an adoptive agency from Uganda to adopt a baby boy. They name him Phinehas. You can read about his namesake here.
  • March 2006: Hope leaves for Uganda, on short notice and alone, for a court appearance to adopt Phin. Kevin was going to join her soon thereafter, but a MINOR clerical error on the part of their Ugandan attorney turned an expected 3 week visit into a 3 year ordeal. Ugandan law stipulates adoptive parents must foster for 3 years before an adoption is approved. The Little's intended to "foster" Phin in America, but the clerical error prevented that from being an option.
  • May 2006: Kevin goes to Uganda to spend a few short weeks with his wife and to meet his son for the first time. They learn the basics of the Ugandan court system - a 6-week-cycle of criminal trials then civil trials. If they could not get a court date scheduled during the 6 weeks of civil trials, Hope would have to wait another 6 weeks.
  • June 2006: Hope was set to appear before a judge who seemed to be very compassionate towards her situation, and who seemed ready to approve their paperwork so Hope and Phin could come home - but died literally days before their court appearance. Another 6 week set-back.
  • August 2006: Kevin gets to visit again for a few weeks.
  • September - November 2006: Frustrating attempts to get original "mistake" over-turned by Ugandan higher courts are not proving fruitful. Hope feels like she's getting the run-a-round.
  • December 2006: Kevin gets to visit, again for just a few short weeks.
  • January 2007 - March 2007: More delays as the judges are "researching" the Little's appeal.
  • April 2007: After 13 months, Hope comes home without Phin for a break. Since arriving in Uganda, she has been Phin's sole care-giver without much assistance. (Yes, Hope Little is a stud!)
  • June 2007: Hope returns to Uganda. The Little's apply for a visa to bring Phin back to the U.S. while they await the results of the appeal.
  • August 2007: Kevin visits Hope and Phin. Amazingly enough, the U.S. embassy is proving to be a real hindrance to their quest to bring Phin home on a visa. They also get some good news - their appeal was granted! However, due to the original wording of the appeal by the presiding judge, the U.S. embassy would not grant a visa for Phin to come to the U.S. Hope and Kevin begin to contemplate getting a visa to another country and moving there together. Kevin returns for the start of the Fall semester at TU.
  • October 2007: Hope returns to the states without Phin. However, she quickly has to return as Phin's caregiver needed emergency gall-bladder surgery.
  • November 2007: Kevin visits briefly. They decide, for the sake of their family, it would be best for Kevin to leave his position with the campus ministry he worked for and move to Uganda until their 3-year foster period was completed (October 2008).
  • January 2008: Kevin moves to Uganda.
  • April 2008: In a surprising turn of events, Phin is granted a "compassionate" visa, which allows him to be brought to America. Kevin and Hope are bringing their baby boy home!

This post is long for one reason....the Little's passion and love for this little boy is long-lasting. I'm so proud of them, especially for the sacrifices they have made to bring this little child into their family. Without a doubt, Phin knows his mommy and daddy love him tremendously - and God does too.

Would you join me in praying for the Little's as they transition back to the States and that Phin would adjust well to his new country?


Tina said...

I will say a little prayer for the Littles, and Phin.

Kyle P. said...

Thanks, Tina! Glad you dropped by.

Natalie said...

What an answer to prayer! I was so excited when M told me they were coming home! Wish we were there to hug and kiss Mr. Phin!!!!

P.S. I tagged you on my blog-play if you want :)

Kyle P. said...

Nat - I accept your tag! Wish you could be there too - road trip? You know you can stay with us!