The Masters - Amateurs

The Masters tournament is full of time-honored traditions. The tournament's founder, Bobby Jones, was not only the greatest golfer to ever play the game, but he did so entirely as an amateur. Mr. Jones was a lawyer by trade, but somehow found a way to maintain a championship-caliber golf game in spite of balancing his job and family resposibilities. Pure, God-given talent and passion had a lot to do with it, I'm quite sure. In spite of the numerous tournaments he won, he never accepted any of the prize money - including in 1930 when he won the Grand Slam of golf, which has never been accomplished in the same calendar year since.

Here's how The Masters honors amateurs today:
  • Winners of the most prestigious amateur tournaments in the world receive invitations to compete.
  • If they choose, 5 amateurs may stay in The Crow's Nest, which is a room located in the topmost floor of the Augusta clubhouse. It is a room rich with history, as the walls are adorned with photographs and sketches of past Masters.
  • The defending Masters champion is always paired with the current U.S. Amateur champion for the first two days of the tournament.
  • The Masters awards the Silver Cup to the amateur who shoots the lowest score after making the cut. This award is presented to them on live TV in the presence of the tournament winner.

There are many more, but I'll wrap this up with one final thought: I see "tentmakers" as "amatuer" ministers. They don't take a penny for the ministry they perform. They do it "for the love of the game." Like Bobby Jones, they can leave a tremendous legacy if they would just "compete."

What are some ways you can "get in the game" this week? Month? Year?


Robyn said...

Great post! Ministry, whether paid or not, must be entered into because the minister truly "loves the game." If a pro golfer is the best of the best, but doesn't love the game, he/she is "stealing" from those who do! Dare I say...if you're taking a paycheck for ministry, and don't love the game...you're stealing from God. Thanks Kyle for all you and Michelle do to further the Kingdom! Your love of the game is clear!

Kyle P. said...

Robyn - you rock girl! Thanks for the encouraging words.