Disturbing Scriptures

Have you ever read something in the Bible that just freaked you out? I mean, just caused you to stop......and ponder......and fret........just a little? I'd like to share a few with you this week that have affected me in this manner. I hope you chime in!

Freaky Scripture Numero Uno: Matthew 7:15-23

Context: Jesus' warning against false prophets.

OK, so I know the object of this passage deals with false prophets. But, can I be honest? Verse 23 d-i-s-t-u-r-b-s me. Here's why:
  • These "false prophets" did some amazing things, like drive out demons and perform miracles. You can't do that without faith and/or God's help. And yet, Jesus didn't know them.
  • The Greek word for "know" is ginosko (pronounced ghin-oce'-ko). You can read about it and all the verses that use it in the NT here. Basically, it means to recognize, to be aware of, to have knowledge of, and to become acquainted with. Jesus did not ginosko these people.
  • These people acknowledged Jesus as "Lord" and He acknowledged them as "evildoers."
  • Jesus' tone in this passage is very terse. You can tell He meant business. He wasn't going to show them any mercy whatsoever - only the judgement they deserved. This Jesus isn't a very popular one in our liberal circles of society.

I'm disturbed most of all because I know I can be, much like these false prophets, hypocritical at times - and this passage lets me know exactly how my Lord feels about it. How does it make you feel?


Layguy said...

Been thinking the same things myself...