So you've probably noticed I've made some color changes to my blog. This is indeed as a tribute to my favorite golf tournament of all time - The Masters. There are several things I like about this tournament, and they include:
  • It's the ONLY major tournament played at the same site every year - Augusta National Golf Club.
  • It is an "invitational" tournament only. To be invited to play is truly an honor.
  • It's the ONLY tournament that honors its past winners with a lifetime invitation to compete every year they wish. So, Arnold Palmer could still throw his hat in the ring at the ripe ol' age of 79 if he wanted! Awesome!
  • It's the ONLY tournament that honors its past champions who are past their prime (i.e. Arnold Palmer) by inviting them to be "honorary starters." Basically, they get to hit the first tee shots of the tournament on Thursday morning, as if they were still competing.
  • Augusta National Golf Club was designed and built by Bobby Jones - the best golfer this planet has seen. Mr. Jones competed his entire life as an amateur (he was a lawyer by day); he never once accepted any prize money for the tournaments he won, which included all 4 majors in one season in 1930 - a feat which has never since been repeated.
  • The course is immaculate. But its beauty is deceptive - the course has brought many, many tough competitors to tears.

I could go on and on, but this post would be too long to read. So what, if anything, do you like about The Masters?


Roger Garrett said...

Love the masters. One time in my life I hope to make it out for a round.

Kyle P. said...

You and me both, Roger!

Jenn said...

wow, this really green!

Kyle P. said...

That's exactly what everybody says about Augusta National, Jenn! Hahaha!