Power Outtage: Musings from Day #3

So by day #3, I realized I am seriously addicted....to electricity! Without it for extensive amounts of time, I start going through withdrawals. They aren't pretty either. They include things like unprovoked crankiness, being completely discombobulated about time, thumb sucking, whining, semi-permanent bitter beer face, and the ever dangerous spontaneous down-in-the-floor tantrums.

All kidding aside, our situation wasn't that bad. At least we had heat and hot water (thank God for natural gas). There were many households who didn't even have that. The main thing I began to notice by Day #3 was this.....................(dramatic pause for effect)..........the silence. Without electricity, the TV/stereo/alarm clock/computer/heater fan were all silenced. It drove me nuts. Even throughout pharmacy school, I had to have "background noise" on in order to study. Silence bothers me, and I don't know why.

God is the loudest in utter silence. By Day #3, I began to "hear" Him more clearly than I have in quite some time. I used to know this, however over the years I had forgotten that God dwells in the "quiet whisper." It was an effective way to remind me.

So heres a challenge. Tonight turn off the TV/stereo/computer and anything else that makes an audible racket in your house (you can leave your Christmas tree lights on for dramatic effect). Sit there in the silence... and listen. He'll meet you there. I promise.

What did you hear?


Endlessly restless said...

Thanks for these posts - while I wouldn't wish this on anyone, your reflections are thought-provoking.

I like silence and am quite comfortable with it - but for days at a time...? Wonder what monastic life's like?

Kyle P. said...

E.R. - there's noooooo way I could take an oath of silence. AAAAAAHHHH! Props to the monks and thanks for your comments!