I'd just like to tell all of you Merry Christmas! My prayer is that your time with family is full of fun, laughter, tears (the good ones), and warm fuzzies. I'm going to be celebrating this year at my parent's house with all my family. There will be lots of food, games, fun, football games on TV, and late night talks around the table. We have a tradition of opening one present from each sibling on Christmas Eve. It basically started years ago because my brothers and I kept pestering my parents to let us open presents early - we just couldn't wait! They finally compromised by letting us open one present we got for each other.

What's your favorite Christmas family tradition?


J.W. said...

We're actually starting something new, not sure if it will become a tradition or not. I decided that we (me, my wife and sons) will go out to dinner on Christmas--nothing deep or magical--just to do something new.

Kyle P. said...

J.W. - Mexican, Italian, pizza, burger joint? Which genre did you choose?