Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas?

So I was watching the Top Chef Holiday Special last night with the wifey, and I couldn't help but notice the cast kept saying Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas. The set was definitely adorned and decorated with Christamas lights, colors and trees - so there was no mistaking the "special" was definitely meant to be a Christmas-themed event. However, no Merry Christamas. It made me sad.

What's your take? Is Happy Holidays good enough for you?


J.W. said...

Kyle-I wouldn't have too much of a problem with "Happy Holidays" IF I would hear people saying Merry Christmas. Actually to be fair, I do hear Merry Christmas in the corporate world but most times the people that say it are scared to say it out loud.

Kyle P. said...

J.W. said: "...but most times the people that say it are scared to say it out loud."

Exactly my point, J.W. Since when did a baby's birth become so taboo? The fact is Jesus was born. The fact is this man had a major impact on this world - for the better! I mean, there's gotta be a reason we don't celebrate Ghenghis Kahn's birthday worldwide, right? Why is Jesus' birth so offensive that we can't acknowledge it for what it is?