Let There Be Light!: Musings from Day #5

As I'm writing this, it has been nearly 2 weeks since the ice storm and there are still people without power. My thoughts and prayers are with them, and I hope you could join with me on their behalf. Where two or more are in agreement...

So my home finally received power on Day #5 around 2 p.m. Christmas came early this year! Woo hoo! So here's some more fun facts I learned this week:
  • 50 degree bathroom + hot shower = creepy fog-filled bathroom that is so thick you wonder if someone/something is gonna jump out at you (I've watched too many horror flicks).
  • LED flashlights are awesome! They are very bright and yet their battery life is long (we averaged 5-6 hours use per day - and the light was still going strong on just one set of batteries). They would make a great last-minute gift for someone for Christmas.
  • In the dark, you lose all sense of time. One night my wife and I were having a conversation (that's code for argument). I looked at my watch and it was 2 a.m.! I thought it was 10 p.m.
  • In the absence of central heat, toilet lids become frigidly cold. Do not attempt to sit on them after you shower or else you might stick to them like a wet tongue on a cold metal pole. Yikes!
  • Don't place your socks too close to the fire to warm them. Ouch!
  • Take your feet out of your socks before warming them by the fire. Double ouch!

I hope this week's posts made you think. Most of all, I know I will not take for granted the blessing of electricity again. Have a wonderful weekend!

Do you have a plan in case you lose power?