Power Outtage: Musings from Day #4

So by Day #4, things were getting pretty redunculous. Here's why:
  1. My pharmacy got power restored on Day #3 at about 2 p.m. I live a mile away and no love!
  2. Due to #1, I had to go back to work. Just as you can imagine, after being closed for almost 3 days, things were a bit hectic (people gots to have their drugs!).
  3. I had to leave electricity behind at work and return to the dark ages at home. Yes, I needed the WAAAmbulance.

Here's a funny thing that by Day #4 shouldn't have been happening, and yet it still was - I was flipping the light switch whenever I walked into a room at my house. Now you would figure by Day #4 without any electricity whatsoever, my brain would have convinced my hand NOT to do such a silly motion, but no. My hand kept reaching for that dang ol' light switch. Habits are funny that way. Especially the "life-long" variety.

I began to contemplate all the habits I had formed over my lifetime. Some were good, but there were plenty that weren't. The problem with my bad habits is I have become comfortable with them to some degree. Comfortable enough that I don't care/desire to change them. This isn't very God-honoring.

My bad habits list looks something like this: complaceny towards daily time with God, towards working out, towards my tone with my wife, and towards pursuing my frienships. This is a small list, but significant nonetheless.

What's your list look like? How are you going to rewire your brain to change your habits?


Endlessly restless said...

Re - the list ... snap!!

Time to adjust my thinking!

Kyle P. said...

ER - how so?

Endlessly restless said...

Tentmaker - my cryptically short comment doesn't make too much sense when I read it again.

What I meant was ... I recognise some of my own failings in your list. All of the things that you mention are weaknesses of mine - and I periodically need to remind myself (or be reminded) to think about how I'm doing in these areas.

I've been working on some thoughts - known to me as "DDD" - aroung developing daily disciplines. I might post some of these after Christmas.

Hopefully that makes a bit more sense:-)

Kyle P. said...

ER - looking forward to the triple-D! Thanks for the clarification. Do you have and accountability partner? Mine has helped me overcome a lot of my shortcomings.