The Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Is sliced bread really that cool to begin with?

Anyways, the other night I was putting up the ol' Christmas tree (it's pre-lit by the way) and an entire row of lights went POOF! We've had this tree for about seven years now, so it's getting up there as far as Christmas tree lifespans are concerned. Needless to say, it took several trips to various retail mega-giant stores to find a strand of lights I could use to switch out with the old, burnt out bulbs on my tree. After all this angst and aggravation, no worky. Oh the agony!

So, at this point, I remembered I had in my possession what I have affectionately named The Magic Gun. Now, The Magic Gun is a device that is apparently powered by Christmas cheer, because it certainly made me a happy camper! What you do is remove any bulb along the strand that isn't working, stick The Magic Gun into the empty socket, and pull the trigger about 10-20 times and PRESTO! All the lights came back on (Clark Griswold eat your heart out)! Trust me, after replacing every single bulb along that particular strand, and then to see it still not work, I was ready to chunk the whole tree itself. Thanks to The Magic Gun, my tree still lives to this day....even though it's artificial....and I don't water it....'cause that would be dangerous....and stupid.

What's your most aggravating Christmas light story?