There absolutely is absolute truth!

There is a war raging like never before in our modern era. It's sometimes subtle and quiet, sometimes visible and loud. It's the war on absolute truth, and as Christians, I feel we should certainly be alarmed and armed to defend it.

Postmodernism has perpetuated our culture today. While it's certainly a lengthy discussion to describe, a simple definition would be: a belief that truth is what you make of it - there are no absolutes.

I've always been amazed at those who write off absolute truth without giving a brief moment to think about it. I define absolute truth as: something that is true for all people for all times. And I offer these examples to illustrate it does indeed exist:
  • 2+2=4. It's true for me. It's true for you. It was true for my earliest ancestor and yours. It will be true for our future children's children's children. It's true in American and in China. It's an absolute truth.
  • If I drop a rock from my hand in my yard it will hit the ground. If I travel to Africa and drop the same rock it will....you guessed it, hit the ground. If I left said rock in a time capsule with explicit instructions for whoever opens it 100 years from now to drop it, guess what? It will hit the ground. Gravity is an absolute truth!
  • George Washington was our first President. 1000 years from now, he will still be known as our first President. Even people all around the world know George Washington was our country's first President. It's an absolute truth.

So, if absolute truth doesn't exist, why do we even have the word "truth" in our vocabulary?

What's your thoughts?


Aaron said...

Great thoughts man. Do you think that people are afraid of absolute truth? If someone is afraid of absolute truth they inturn have a way out. They don't have to believe it at now.

BTW, I love your examples. I thought 2+2=6 though? LOL!

Kyle P. said...

Absolutely people are afraid of absolute truth. I am. I don't want to have to admit the truth that I mess up. I'd rather be proud and blame others for my mistakes. However, that doesn't change or alter the truth whatsoever now does it?

So now I'm thinking, in relation to God, is fear a good or bad thing? Scripture says we should "fear (respect) the Lord (who embodies absolute truth)." How can we help those outside of Christ fear (respect) God without fearing (I just wet my pants) Him?