I'm not Superman...but I wish I was!

I love the comic Calvin & Hobbes. Check out this one. I can totally relate and here's why - there was a day, when I was a kid, that I believed I could fly. Just like Superman, up, up, and away! In fact, you could say that I had an unflinching faith in my flying capabilities.

What did I do about it? Like James says, faith without actions is dead, right? So at the tender age of 5-years-old I took a leap of faith. Literally. Off the very tip-top peak of my house. One broken leg-second-later (can you say ouch?) I realized one very important lesson - misplaced faith, although genuine, can be harmful.

I define "misplaced faith" as a belief in something that isn't absolutely true nor based upon an absolute truth. I believed I could fly. The truth of gravity didn't care. No matter how hard or how much I believed - I could not change the absolute truth of gravity. Absolute truth is true for all people for all times.

This week I want to focus on some absolute truths. I hope you all will join in the discussions.

What are some absolute truths you've learned the hard way?