How we helped plant a church - Part 4

October 2001: The first vision-casting meeting went very well. Two weeks later, we had another and most everyone who came to the first were there plus more. Needless to say, we were all excited to be a part of a new thing God was going to be doing not only in Tulsa, but around the world someday. We were ready to start doing life together.

Our role metamorphosed from "gatherers" to "shepherds." Shepherds care for the flock. They see that the needs of the flock are met. They protect the flock from predators. Shepherds are not Senior Pastors - nor should they portray themselves as such to their flock. Shepherds are to lead the flock in the direction the Senior Pastor is going - not where the Shepherd thinks the flock should be going.

How else do you feel Shepherds and Senior Pastors differ?