Everytime you tell a lie....a puppy dies.

OK, OK, so let's state the obvious. This is NOT an absolute truth. If it were, God help us all! I also have to give credit to http://www.xxxchurch.com/ for the inspiration for the title of this particular blog - for you early xxxchurchers you'll know what I'm referring to. And for all the animal rights people out there, no I do not endorse or wish cruelty upon animals - keep reading.

Webster's defines a lie as "something that misleads or deceives." The worst thing about a lie, in my opinion, is that is oftentimes appears believable. It can wear the cloak of truth, but underneath the disguise is a filthy, ravenous beast who wants to destroy you. My pastor once said (I'm paraphrasing here) "A lie believed to be true produces illegitimate fruit in a person's life." Satan's best weapon against us is to get us to believe a lie or several lies about ourselves. For example:
  • No one loves you.
  • You are utterly and completely alone.
  • You are perfect just the way you are - everyone else is is flawed.
  • No one has the right to tell you how to live your life. You make your own rules.
  • If you take one more drink you'll feel better.
  • Porn is absolutely awesome! It doesn't hurt anybody to look, does it?

Beware of lies brewing around inside your head. I notice them as negative "self-talk." I have to fight like mad not to believe them.

What about you? What lies have you been battling?


Jenn said...

Hi Kyle Painter! How in the blazes are you and your lovely bride!?
Found you through FlowerDust!

Nice post! I have battled oh-so-many lies in my life but, ohpraisehim, in the past 2 years, have experienced more and more mental freedom - have stopped believing in God and started believing God!

Give Chelle a Hi and a hug!