I'm Free!!!!!

Sorry for the absence. It's a little difficult and frustrating to type with one hand. But, the good news is I went to the doctor yesterday and he took my splint off and told me I didn't need a cast. WooHoo! I just have to be extra careful and do some exercises with my hand to help push fluid out of my lower arm (it's still pretty swollen). But the good news is I AM FREE!! So now I can type with two hands and I've been itching to blog. Or maybe it's just the dead skin on my left arm?

Later today, if all goes as planned, there will be cool pics of my arm.

Just to recap:
  • Jan. 15th approximately 11:20 pm: Fell off the attic ladder fracturing my olecranon. These pics are eerily close to what mine looked like. For those who don't know, "olecranon" is the medical term for elbow; derived from Latin it means "automatic surgery if broken."
  • Jan. 18th at 2 p.m.: Surgery to fix broken olecranon. The last thing I remember as they were putting me under was the doctor saying "Are the bionics ready?"
  • Jan. 28th at 2 p.m.: The great unveil occurs. Up to now, I haven't seen my elbow. I was shocked to see how big my scar was, and how mangled my arm looked from swelling. Total damage: 14 staples, one titanium plate, and 7 freaking long screws! And yes, I will set off metal detectors at airports from now on. Looking forward to that.

Seriously, thanks for all your prayers and encouraging words.


littlepastor said...

Wanna play catch or Arm Wrestle?

Kyle P. said...

Oh I see how you wanna play! Kick a brotha while he's down, huh? Hahaha! Thankfully it was the left arm, so I could definitely still play catch and arm wrestle if you really want.

EthansMama said...

HOORAY!! That is great news Kyle!! And I was so glad to see a new blog!!

Jenn said...

well good-freakin-grief - that sounds like one messed-up fall, my friend! I am so sorry! Make sure you have Michele spottin' ya next time. seriously though, sounds like good news thus far and i pray the healing continues!