As you all know I am a pharmacist working in a retail setting. This involves dealing with the public. I look at my job as if it's my ministry. Lately I've been mulling over this question in my mind, and I'd like to hear your thoughts.
Is the customer always right?



Roger Garrett said...

Sure they are in their own mind. The rest of the world doesn;t have to agree.
By the way I have a friend in Tulsa that lives fairly close to the new campus. Do you know anyone over there that I can get her in touch with. If you can let me know that would be great

Jenn said...

Lawrd have mercy!! Bless you, all those mighty heroes that work with the public! Though I have never worked retail, making me always a customer, I would say NO! the customer is not always right! No way I could do it - I's be smacking people up the side of the head!

Kyle P. said...

Roger - "in their own mind"...classic!

Jenn - my sista from anotha mista!

Kyle P. said...

Roger - sorry, but are you referring to the new South Tulsa campus? If so, I know the Campus and Associate Pastors very well. Shoot me an email at oupilldoc@gmail.com and I'll give you some contact info.

Endlessly restless said...

My answer to your question would be - No, but they are always the customer!

But like Jenn - I've never worked in the 'front line', so what do I know??