If You Aren't Discipling....

...then you are being discipled. The question is, who or what is discipling you?

Webster's defines a disciple as this. The part that bugs me is "..accepts and assists...". What in my life am I "accepting" or "assisting" that's contrary to God's will? What or who am I allowing to do this?

There are a lot of forces out there trying hard to be your discipler. Examples might include:
  • Television executives/producers (if it's funny, it can't be sinful now can it?)
  • Hollywood (you gotta be thin to win!)
  • Homosexual agenda (6000 years of man & wife is just a fluke?)
  • The American Dream (credit cards are great, right?)
  • Pornography (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is all about selling swimsuits, right?)
  • Barney (don't get me started)

If you were to take an honest look at your life, what are you allowing to disciple you, perhaps in a manner contrary to God's best?


Roger Garrett said...

I hate to say it but I find myself being discipled by Blogs. I like the direction of this post

Kyle P. said...

Roger - Thanks for commenting. When you say you "hate to admit it" - do you feel blogs are a negative influence? I do feel one can be discipled through a blog in a positive manner. What are your thoughts?

Ryan said...

Ok Kyle, I know I am late in the game on this one, but why are you down on the big purple dinosaur? I just have ask. :)