More Pillar Lovin'

So if you follow my blog at all, you may remember me pluggin' for one of my favorite Christian bands called Pillar recently. What's cool is I just realized today that you can still get a free "listen-to" of their newest album right here. What's so awesome about this link is you get to hear Rob Beckley, the lead singer (and LC.tv boy!) give an intro to each and every song - kind of a "behind-the-scenes" look into that noggin o' his and what he and the band were thinking when they penned the lyrics.

Hope you enjoy and GO OUT AND BUY THE ALBUM!


Anonymous said...

Right on....very cool album.....by the way, are we showing our age when we call it an album? Also by the way, arent you older than me?!?!? Ha ha!

Kyle P. said...

LG - no cheap shots allowed! Hahaha!

Endlessly restless said...


You need to warn us old guys that this stuff is loud!!

reminds me of the stuff I listened to in my late teens/ early twenties - except it was in black & white then;-)

(I am joking - honestly!!)

Kyle P. said...

ER - LOL!!! (that's, Laugh Out Loud for the oldtimers.) ;)

Endlessly restless said...

Hey - what happened to no cheap shots??!!

Kyle P. said...

It's International No "No Cheap Shots" Day my good friend. Hahaha!