Marraige Isn't for Your Happiness

My LifeGroup just started reading this book together. The first chapter was a doozy! In it, the author posed this question:
"What if God designed marraige to make us holy more than to make us happy?"

What are your thoughts?


Ryan said...

I whole heartedly agree with this statement. We are a culture that views all things on a scale of "how does this make happy?", including marriage.

Jenn and I view our marriage as a living testimony of Jesus and His Church. It's not about us or even our kids. The funny thing is in God's economy the more you lay down your own life the more joy you find.

Roger Garrett said...

I know that it works hand in hand but it takes following 1 Cor 13 to make it happen

Kyle P. said...

Ryan - right on!

Roger - couldn't agree more.

How has your "pursuit of happiness" created conflict in your relationship with your spouses?

Jenn said...

Sweet Hubs already said this...but when you are unified in what your marriage is about, what your family is about, when you agree on what true happiness is...the pursuit of Him...then there is very little conflict. Not to say that we don't have conflict, but most of ours stems from problems in communication.

We read this book and it was really, really good. His Sacred Parenting one was very impactful for me as well. enjoy!

Derrick Henslee said...

I read that book a while back and that very quote has stuck in my mind like two fingers in a Chinese finger trap! I really like this idea that it isn't about me or making me happy, but that my marriage is about making me Holy.

Love that quote...good stuff!