Are You Training?

Couldn't help but to share this....truly good stuff!
(For clarification's sake, the term "chauvanistic" used in the clip in Japaneses culture refers to the Emperor's right-hand man, not a bossy, pig-headed husband.)

You can view the video clip here. I tried to embed it but couldn't.

Do you find it said that someone has to train another to say "I love you?" Do you say it enough yourself?


Roger Garrett said...

Man you make 3 blogging on the same subject (kinda). Cindy Beall and Kim Heinecke did as well. I have said the same thing in eash. men need to figure out that life is much easier if they treat their wives with respect and keep them happy.

Kyle P. said...

Roger - preach it brotha!

Roger Garrett said...

Hey Kyle Sherry said she emailed you after watching the Hostage video online. She loved it and they are excited about coming to church Saturday night. Take care of her for me