The Quest for Security

Let me just say this to start - this world is not safe. Before you label me a "Debby Downer," let me flesh that statement out a little bit.

Over the past few weeks the Stock Market has been taking a nosedive. Understandably, this has a lot of people upset and on edge. There is great concern about our nation's economy and whether or not we are headed towards another Great Depression.

This November, we will be electing a new President for our nation. It's clear there is passion for the nation on both sides. There is also, in my humble opinion, a tremendous amount of fear and worry that the "other side" will win the election. Repubs are scared to death the Dems will win and vice versa. Each party only sees gloom and doom if they don't win.

My friends, this world is not safe. It was never meant to be safe. We can not place our security in the things of this world, for it is not our home. The one thing we can be sure of is this: God will be on His Throne whether the Stock Market completely falls apart or the "other side" wins this election. God is Sovereign over all of it. Trust in Him, not in these other things.

Confession time: God is stretching me big time in my "quest for security" in my finances. Lately, I've noticed my mood fluctuates with my bank account. When I deposit my check, I'm a happy camper. At the end of the month when things are a little tight, I'm a grump and worrier. This must break the heart of God big time. After all, He is still the same God when my bank account is full or low. Where is my hope? In God or money?

Repenting and chasing Him all the more today.

How about you? Where do you naturally drift towards for security?


it chose me said...

hmm...that is so true. I started my own photography business and it's been so hard to have faith that god will provide. I punched time clocks my whole life and although I was never satisfied doing so, I never actually had to have faith. Now for the first time I feel like I really can't do this without god. Security is an interesting concept.

Kyle P. said...

I.C.M. - You're right. It is hard sometimes to have faith in God's provision. I'm praying God will use your gifts of photography for His glory - and as a tool to stretch and grow your faith in Him. All His blessings on your business!

Kathryn said...

Wow...I needed to hear that...thanks