Out and Open...and What Now?

If you haven't heard by now, last week Ray Boltz announced he was a homosexual. Yes, "Thank You" Ray Boltz said he was gay and has been for his whole entire life. You can read more about it here.

There have been several bloggers give their two cents about it, like this one. Personally, I'm amazed at some of the comments left on others' blogs about this topic. It certainly appears as if We, The Church, are quite divided on this issue. So I figured I might as well weigh-in too. Here's some of my thoughts, and as always, feel free to chime-in with yours too.

1) I want to first say that I have many friends who are gay, and everything I am about to say I have said to their face with all the love of Christ I had in me at the time of our conversation.
2) Homosexuality is a lifestyle of choice, not birth. God doesn't make someone gay as much as He would make someone a child-molester or murderer. These behaviors are all choices made by the individual, and as such carry consequences.
3) Homosexuality is clearly defined in Scripture as contrary to God's will. Therefore, it is without question or debate sin. See this, this, and this.
4) Just as homosexuality is a sin, so are heterosexual perversions, i.e. adultery, prostitution, etc. GOD HATES ALL SEXUAL SIN.
5) Homosexuality can be overcome, with the power of God, through faith in Jesus Christ.
6) The overcoming may take time, if not a lifetime for some. The point is, they may need a helping hand to keep them strong and motivated during their battles.
7) We, The Church, should support any and all who are battling this sin nature.
8) Oftentimes however, The Church does a very poor job of doing this (#7) - which breaks the very heart of God.

The problem I have with the Homosexual Agenda is this: they are attempting to force upon us an acceptance for their behavior. Once they are "out", they are proud of their lifestyle. They show no remorse for their actions, because they don't think it's wrong or sinful. If someone disagrees with them, that person is a "hater" or "intolerant." My friends, we can not be afraid to stand up for the Truth. However, we can't beat them over the head with it either. Don't be discouraged or afraid to speak the Truth in love. Because, after all, that's all anyone wants in this life - to be loved - even homosexuals.



Kathryn said...

You know I follow your blog everyday!? I love it Kyle! Anywho...I like your reasoning on this issue. It certainly is a "hot topic" lately...but I like the points you made, that it is a choice and not the way one is born. And I agree.

Kyle P. said...

Thanks, Katie.

Also, just a point of clarification, I am not equating a homosexual to a child molester or murderer. I am only merely stating that people are not born a homosexual in as much as they are born a murderer, or a thief, or an adulterer. In all these things, people choose to become them.

Anonymous said...

"Because, after all, that's all anyone wants in this life - to be loved - even homosexuals." Wow, EVEN homosexuals want love? My, that's awfully Christian of you to realize. Hey! Maybe "even Christians" can stoop to show them homos some love! But, you know, in a straight way, not in a touchy feely way. Because, that would just be, you know, gay...(grin)
jimmy paravane