The Apocalypse is Upon Us! #2

A continuation from this post...

Revelation Chapters 2 and 3 were letters from Jesus addressed specifically to 7 different churches which existed at the time the Apostle John was alive. In effect, we are getting to read Jesus' emails to each of these churches. Here's a brief synopsis of what each letter said:


Jesus chastised this church because it had "departed from your first love." The original Greek word for departed literally means "divorced." Basically, this church had become spiritually complacent.


This is the first church Jesus doesn't admonish. Jesus warns this church of coming persucutions and encourages them to remaing strong and faithful. Their reward will be the crown of life - eternal life untouched by spiritual death.


This church had within it certain people who claimed to be Christ-followers but were participating in idolatry and sexual sins. Christ warned this church to repent or face judgement. Those who repented would be rewarded by Christ Himself.


Like Pergamum, this church had serious problems. Specifically, a woman "prophetess" was leading its members into idolatry and sexual immorality. Jesus announced his judgement upon these individuals was coming soon unless they repented. For those who did, Jesus would reward them.


This church was on the verge of becoming spiritually dead. They were a hypocritical church - longing for the recognition of being Christ-followers but severely lacking in living it out. Jesus warned them to repent or else.


This is the second church that Jesus doesn't admonish. They were being obediant despite being persecuted. Jesus encouraged them to remain strong and promised them victory over those persecuting them. He also promised to spare them from "the hour of testing" the rest of the world will have to endure.


This church was full of self-pride. They were a wealthy, prosperous community and had become too dependent upon material possessions instead of Christ. Jesus pleaded with this church to humble itself and repent.

To sum it all up, the word "repent" was repeated seven times. Jesus makes it plain He will not tolerate a complacent attitude towards sin in His Church. This reminds me I need to do the same in my life. I think our churches do a great job of preaching the grace and mercy of Christ, but a lousy job of preaching about our personal responsibility to turn from sin daily. It's as if the word repent has become a Christian's curse word or something. Repentance takes time, sometimes a lifetime. The point is to be continually in the process. And for those who overcome, the reward will be worth it!