Why is YAWNING so Addictive?

While we were watching my baby girl on the 3D/4D ultrasound, she let out one great big
Right there in the womb! And then I did the same exact thing!
Sometimes at work, just to annoy my technicians I'll start what I call a "YAWN war!" A YAWN war is basically where someone YAWNS, either for real or not, really loud. This invariably leads to someone else YAWNING really big. And then someone else YAWNS too. By that time everybody in the room is YAWNING really big. Kinda like YOU are right now! Am I right?
With one of my friends, all I have to do is text message her with the word "YAWWWWN" and she will! YAWNS are soooo addictive. One of my favorite childhood books was "The YAWN Book" by Dr. Seuss. "The YAWN Book" is all about all the different kinds of YAWNS YAWNED all around the world. My grandfather would read it to me everynight to put me to sleep - and it usually put him to sleep before me!
So, have you ever been caught in a YAWN war before? Are you in one now?


Kyle P. said...

Err, correction - it's not the "Yawn Book," but rather the "Sleep Book." Sorry 'bout that!