Disturbing Scriptures

Here's Numer Two: 1 Corinthians 10:14-22

Context: Paul warns the Corinthians to have nothing to do with idol worship.

Have you ever seen a buddha? They look so cutesy and all, but Paul warns in this passage there's more than meets the eye. Consider
verse 20. Now what do you think? That cute little plump "deity" is nothing more than a fancy facade for a demon. Not just buddha, but behind every idol worshipped on this plaent is a demon. I'm d-i-s-t-u-r-b-e-d when I think about all the prayers lifted up to these demonic powers all around the world - and what power that must give them to torment those who don't have Christ. Power to blind. Power to harm. Power to steal, kill, and destroy.

What disturbs me most is I tend to think of idols as only little statues, but they can also be my TV, golf, porn, drugs, etc. Anything that competes for the attention only God should have in your life is an idol.

What's disturbing you right now?


Webmaster said...

Hey dude!

Not many people go straight to Habakkuk when looking for a book to read! I love it because its an honest book. Great stuff!