The Final Random Question for the Time Being

Hey everybody, thanks for journeying with me this week...very introspective and fun week...lots of good comments.

Which brings up another point, if you read my blog, and like it, tell somebody about it. Better yet, link to it and let me know so I can link back to yours too.

With that said....here's the Final Random Question for the Time Being:

What can you do at work today that will bring recognition to Christ? How can you let others see Him in you?

For me, one of my employee's mother passed last night. I'm praying for Christ to be her comfort and peace. I'm also going to try to be God's comfort and peace to her and her family via flowers, a card signed by all of us, a phone call, and more. I'll be honest and tell you I often don't know what to do or say in times such as these, but I do know just being there for someone means more than you know.

How about you?


Roger Garrett said...

Even though I am the boss I have a service attitude. I always ask what I an do to help

Kyle P. said...

Roger - serving your employees is HUGE! Not only do they appreciate the help, but they respect you more too. You da man!

Tanya said...

I think that is the key. You can not bring the person back for them. But you can pray for them and make sure to let them know if there is anything you can do let you know. How to bring Christ to work, just be yourself. Let Jesus shine through you. He will do the rest for you. I like your blog. Good job. From Tanya