I Have Been Tampered With. You?

Have you ever noticed how everything you buy these days has a foil or semi-plastic seal on it? Over-the-counter medications, milk, orange juice, etc. The idea is if any of these items were opened, you would noticed it right away. Something about it has been changed. Permanently. Irrepairably. Tampered with. Never again the same.

It makes me think about this verse.

Christ, through the work of the Spirit, tampers with you as you walk with Him.
My question is this: could anybody tell that I've been tampered

Can I see significant changes in my character over the years? I have seen some (more patient, less prone to swearing, quicker to confess sin, etc.) but, to be honest, in some areas it seems not so much (will purity always be a struggle?).

What about you? Where has God tampered with you the most? What is He tampering with right now in your life?


Roger Garrett said...

I used to enjoy my vacuum sealed protected life. But that has all been ripped away and it feels good