Profoundly deep spiritual lessons l've learned from a 5-week old..

So my baby girl came and paid me a visit yesterday at work. I was pumped! I was definitely living up the "proud papa" moment as my staff "oooohed" and "cooohed" at my lil' cutie. As luck would have it, I noticed a particularly unpleasant odor arising from my wee little one's nether region and instantly decided it was a perfect opportunity to show-off my fatherly diaper-changing skills.

So, I sprang into action! Little did I know just how bad it would be! Whoa! There was poop everywhere! Now, I grade these situations on a 1-10 scale - meaning how many wipees are necessary to get the job done. This was a 7! So as I'm doing my best to clean her up, she starts wiggling and kicking and jerking and moving and before I realize it I have poop all over my fingers and hands. Plus, she has managed to relocate her "mess" somehow from her nether region to the soles of her feet and up her legs! To make matters worse, I had 4 women standing over my shoulder laughing and giggling and commenting on how "great" a job I was doing. Talk about pressure!

As I was just about to complete the task, all of a sudden, I noticed a warmth come over my hands. That's right, she peed all over me and herself at the same time! What a darling! I guess she felt bad and just wanted to help clean my hands for me.

So, here's the deep super-duper spiritual lesson my 5-week old taught me:

Sometimes life gets messy. Sometimes messy gets all over you. But don't worry. God will provide a warm shower to help get messy off you. And then He will sit back and laugh!


Lauren said...

Nothing like being peed on!