I'm a Winner!

So, my buddy Scott Williams had a contest on his blog last week - he invited his followers to come up with a new name for his blog for Fridays. Why? Because every Friday he is going to be giving away FREE STUFF! That's right! FREE STUFF! All you have to do is go to his blog, leave a comment on FRIDAY of every week until Jesus returns*, and you will be entered into a random drawing for FREE STUFF!

So, as I said, I won his contest with my idea of renaming his blog "Free is the New Friday." I took inspiration from the current name of his blog "Big is the New Small." So, every Friday, his blog's name will change to "Free is the New Friday." Pretty neat idea (his, that is).

Thanks, Scott for picking me and I'm looking forward to my new book!

*Scott may not do this every week until Jesus returns...I just put that part in there for laughs. Then again....?


jimmy paravane said...

I'm just jealous that y'all know when Jesus is returning. (grin)
Congrats on the win.