One thing to do while you are watching the Olympics

I am looking forward to watching the Olympics over the next several days. I love everything about the Olympics. However, I was challenged earlier today to look at the Games with a differenct perspective. Rather than watching the Olympics and getting all caught up in nationalistic pride and competition, why not use this opportunity to pray for the countries represented at the Games?

Here's my plan:
  1. Since they are the host country, everytime the word "Beijing" or "China" is mentioned in the broadcast I'm going to pray for that country.
  2. To help, I signed-up to receive one of these. You can too!
  3. Whenever watching medal ceremonies, pray for all the countries on the podium.
There it is. Simply and sweet. I'd love to hear any of your ideas too!

Go USA! (and JESUS!)


Endlessly restless said...

I love this idea. It'll help me with some of the moral issues that I have with the games in Beijing.