Have you all heard of E-Sword? It's another useful online Bible resource that I have been checking out. Here's the pro's and con's so far:
  • Pro: It's a free download (file size isn't too big).
  • Con: You only get a limited amount of Bible versions for free. The rest you have to pay for. They aren't too expensive, but hey, free is free (i.e. YouVersion has 13 versions for free and more on the way).
  • Pro: E-Sword has one of the most creative Scripture memory tools I've ever seen.
  • Con: It requires some time learning to use it to the max. There is online training available however.
  • Pro: You can create your own personalized "Parallel Bible" with up to 4 versions onscreen at one time (again, you have to pay for other versions to do so).
  • Con: The screenshot does get a little "busy" with mulitple versions in view.
  • Pro: You can create and store your own personal commentary & study notes.
  • Pro: Print capabilities are impressive enough to allow you to create handy-dandy Bible study handouts which is useful for small group leaders/Sunday school lessons/etc.
  • Con: No yearly Bible reading plan offered. It's meant to be a Bible "study" tool, so I understand why, but it would still be helpful.

Any of you using this tool? I'd love to hear your feedback too.


Jonathon said...

a) Several user created Bible Reading plans for e-Sword are available for downloading;

b) Users can create their own Bible Reading Plan. ">Tools >Bible Reading" Then click on the leftmost icon. Then select the books to read. Click on "next", then select the days of the week to read the passage. Then select the number of months to read those passages over. Click "Next". then give your reading plan a name.



Kyle P. said...

SWEET! Thanks, Jonathon.