Are You Plugged-In?

Can you believe it? 3 blog posts in one day! How will you all have time to comment on all of them?

So I had a really cool opportunity today to be interviewed by The Oklahoman about Lifechurch.tv's online Bible called YouVersion. Apparently someone in the Central Office thinks I'm pretty cool. MUAHAHAHA! Anyway, when the article comes out I'll try to direct you all to it.

But the interview did get me to thinking.....

If you weren't aware, YouVersion is an online Bible created for YOU! The neat thing about it is YOU can add YOUR content to it so OTHERS might benefit from YOUR perspective/wisdom/thoughts. Have you ever read a passage of Scripture that reminded you of a song you heard on the radio, or vice versa? Have you ever watched a movie clip and thought "Geesh, that would be a perfect illustration of Luke 10:18?" In YouVersion, you can attach music or video clips to Scriptures in order to help OTHERS relate to them better. Or, you can simply link a Scripture to another website that expounds upon that particular passage. You can even simply add your own creative thoughts or a poem to communicate to OTHERS how God spoke to your heart through a particular passage. If you haven't checked out YouVersion, I'd encourage you to do so.

What online resources have you found helpful to your spiritual nurturing and growth?


Jenn said...

may sound weird, but i'd say blogs are a resource to me. oh, and podcasts of rob bell at mars hill in grand rapids.

Natalie said...

Can't wait to read the article!

Kyle P. said...

I wouldn't get too excited there, Nat. I'm sure my contribution to the article will probably go something like this:

"It's cool!" said Kyle Panter.

That's it. Hahaha! We'll see.