Tentmaker's Mindset

In my last post, I shared how I feel like I am called to be a "tentmaker" - someone who leverages their profession to further the Gospel. Today I'd like to discuss what a "tentmaker's" mindset is like, namely mine. My prayer is that it will help anyone interested in turning their profession into their ministry.

First, it all starts with a vision. For me, there was a time in my life when I was truly divided between vocational ministry and pursuing a career in pharmacy. Over the course of several months while praying and reading Scripture, God showed me how Jesus often met an individual's physical need and then their spiritual need. Healing their physical ailment allowed them to see their spiritual ailment, and they wholeheartedly embraced Christ. I hope to do the same.

Second, it takes a focused determination. Still to this day I battle with the desire to be in vocational ministry. So much so, that I often lose sight of the ministry I could be doing everyday where God has me. I call it ministry wanderlust. I have to constantly re-focus my mind on the vision God has given me for pharmacy - especially on the hard days whenever dealing with less than grateful patients.

Lastly, it takes boldness. There are many opportunities that present themselves for me to share Christ's love with my patients. I wish I could say that I take advantage of each and everyone of them. Let's be honest, it can be intimidating to open up a spiritual conversation with a total stranger - especially in a medical setting where faith and science aren't necessarily bedfellows. However, simply telling someone "I'll be praying for you," or even better "Can I pray for you right now?" makes all the difference to them. You can see it all over their face.

Has God given you a vision? What is it?


J.W. said...

[Disclaimer: Don't take the following statement thewrong way. What I'm about to say is a very positive thing to say at least in churches in the DC area. Also, the thoughts shared in this comment are not those of the "tentmaker" or life church] This is only your second tentmakin' post and YOU'RE KILLING ME!!! This a great post!!!

I too struggle with such a desire to be in full time ministry that I can often over look the opportunities I have to minister in my current vocational settings.

Kyle P. said...

J.W. - thanks for your encouraging words. You and others like you are the reason why I'm led to blog. You can make a Kingdom difference right where God has you.

anne said...

You have wisdom to share and encouragement to give. Thank you for taking the time to do it.

I think it's probably a lot easier to go into full-time ministry in some ways than to use where you are to minister as God calls you. I've not explained it well, but you have.

I think God will use you and this blog to help many of us see and act on the opportunities we are currently blind to.

Bless you.