365 days ago....

Yesterday in church, a thought came rocketing into my skull from out of seemingly nowhere...

"Do you remember this time last year?"

Immediately my mind "rewound" the last 365 days or so.  I realized it was about this time last year when Michele and I were perhaps in the darkest days we have ever experienced.  We had just went through an IVF procedure only to find out that it had failed.  We were numb with grief.  We were shocked from pain.  We were angry from feeling betrayed by the Father.  Why hadn't He heard our prayers?

Little did we know that He had.  He had heard us.  He was working.  Our answer was already forming even as our tears were falling.  Like a mystery that He is, He chose for our baby to come to us through someone else's womb.  Our pain, her conception - all of this, approximately 365 days ago.

It's amazing what a difference a year makes.  Thank you Abba.


Kathryn said...

Oh Kyle and Missy...I have tears in my eyes!! Can you believe it has been a YEAR! And now...look...just look...what a wonderful God we serve. Oh, and WE WANT PICTURES of sweet liddle Kari Lynne Marie!!!!