Which is Worse?

Which is worse - someone who is called to vocational ministry and doesn't answer the call, or someone who isn't called to vocational ministry and does it anyway?

Tear it up.

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Kent Shaffer said...

Feeling called but not obeying is worse.

Starr said...

Tough one....Being called and not obeying means there are a lot of lives not being touched by you that should be. Going into vocational ministry when you're not called probably means there are a lot of lives being jacked up by your uninspired teaching. Either way it's a bad deal!

Kyle P. said...

Kent - why do you think so?

Starr - good stuff! I like your thoughts.

Endlessly restless said...

Hmmm... at one stage in my life I felt called to full-time ministry. Left my job, went to study, realised it wasn't for me. Several good things came out of this - I met my wife at university, I developed some skills that I now use in preparing Bible study material for teenagers, I learned a lot about myself. Why am I saying this?

To answer your question - I think option 2 is worse. With option 1 (not obeying) there is at least the prospect that the gifts of the individual will be used in another way; with option 2 people can end up creating damage through an uncalled, un-blessed ministry.

Kyle P. said...

I've really appreciated everyone's responses. I think they are equally bad (sorry, no trick question intended or anything). In the end, they both can have negative eternal outcomes. As a self-proclaimed "tentmaker" this is an issue I struggle with often. Should I have, shouldn't I have...am I called, am I not called...

All this to say, I know God is ultimately guiding me and will lead me into His perfect will according to His plan and not mine (or the world's).

Thanks again!