If I'm losing my mind now, will a baby make it any better?

OK. So here's the deal. I haven't blogged much lately - not that I haven't had PLENTY to say - but because I am losing my mind. Why? Take a look:

Since May 17th I have:
  • Had 3 massive garage sales on 3 consecutive weekends (Yes, I know...we actually had enough stuff to pull it off for three weeks in a row. Sad, but true - and there's some left over to donate.)
  • Had my A/C unit completely freeze up.
  • Got the A/C unit fixed, then discovered I had a leak in my closet a few days later. Pulled up carpet and pad and deployed fan for 3 days straight to dry it all out.
  • Leak in closet a result of a busted drain pipe coming from the drain pan underneath my furnance/A/C unit in attic.
  • Fixed busted drain pipe, only to discover a leak in my wife's closet a few days later.
  • Second leak caused from where the drain pipe connects to the drain pan (too loose), so I fixed that! Noticed a lot of water still accumulating in drain pan - called in the professionals.
  • Professionals fixed condensation line (which was poorly installed when the house was originally built - GRRRR!) and installed 2 kill switches that will automatically turn off the unit if it detects water backing up in the line. WHEW!
  • Was planning and preparing for a huge leader retreat at church that got postponed (wisely) at the last minute. I was going to lead a break-out session on how to prep for Bible study for a small group. Can't wait to do it in September!
  • The wife and I flew out to Jacksonville, FL for one last get-a-way before baby arrives. It was our 11th anniversary gift to each other. Attended a Family Life marraige conference while there - TOTALLY recommend it! Had some friends graciously donate air miles to make it all happen - thanks Thomas'!
  • Painted baby's room. Painted chair rail and installed it as well.
  • Been filling out a TON of adoption paperwork.
  • Attending an adoption conference this upcoming weekend in OKC.
  • This week had new computers installed at the pharmacy. It's kinda tricky trying to fill Rx's while your computers are down!
  • Leaving this Wednesday for an annual men's golf trip with my father-in-law, brother-in-law, and ten other men. This is our 7th year in a row. It's a great time of fun, golf, and encouragement. Michele is going to Cayman with her mother, sister, and our nephew at the same time.

So, there you go. I've been too busy to blog. Hopefully when our baby girl arrives thing will slow down. MUAHAHAHAHA! I crack myself up!


Lauren said...

The answer is yes. A baby will make it better. Your life will still be crazy and you'll feel like you are losing your mind but it is worth it for that little girl!