Our church is currently in the midst of a series called "Invasion: I Love My Church!" The premise is this: our pastors just show up at members' homes unannounced with a video camera and interview them about why they love their church. If you have time, I'd really encourage you to check out these stories.

Well, the Tulsa Campus LifeGroups Pastor, Aaron Swensen, took it to a whole new level by invading LifeGroup Leaders or members and asking them why they love their LifeGroup. So, with that said, here is the video of Michele and myself being invaded by Aaron. By the way, the videographer is a guy named Bill Aycock. He's a real cool guy and super talented.

I pray you catch the message of this video: God is a MULTIPLIER! He loves to take something small and MULTIPLY it exponentially. Our campus is just one example of this. Others are 5 loaves and 2 fish. small, then LARGE. The widow's flour and oil supply. small, then LARGE. The Acts 2 church. small, now LARGE.

So, what "small" thing can YOU offer to God so that He might MULTIPLY it?


tony said...

kyle - i read yur cmment on flowerdust.net and really liked your comments. i also go to LC.tv andyouhit the nail on the head! if the homosexual agenda is not an example of the 'trueish' thoery craig lais out last week - then nothing is

my personal opinion is that the relevant/emergent church has totally sold out to the truish theory of church - craig seems to be very concerned that LC does not go this way

Geneva said...

Hey Kyle -

Its Neva! Just happened across your blog from a link on your myspace. And what an incredible little space you have here!

First I just wanna say I watched the video about the Tulsa campus beginning in your living room and thought that was just the most amazing story! I knew you and Michele had a hand in rooting the Tulsa campus, but I had never heard the whole story! (and p.s. Keri is playing with the turtle Rob and I got her for Christmas! I laughed when I saw that!).

And secondly, regarding the elevator games, next time you are in one, try to get everyone to play with gravity. When you going up and almost arrive at the top floor, walk across the elevator and feel the weightlessness as the elevator comes to a stop. And then when going down, just before you reach the bottom, jump up in the air, and feel the forces of gravity weigh down on you as you land and the elevator comes to a stop!

Awesome blog! Im officially a reader!