Overwhelmed by Generosity

This a blog about generosity. Michele and I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our family and friends these past few weeks. Whether it's the random phone calls just to tell us we are being held up in prayer, a funny, encouraging card, the unexpected checks to go towards our adoption costs, or the unbelievable outpouring of diapers, clothes and various gifts....words can not describe how much all of this has touched our hearts. Deeply.

If there was a guage that measures just how much a person is being loved by others, our guage would be pegged right now. Check that, it would have broken the peg and be spinning like mad! It's been truly amazing to see God's love through His Church - all of you! You have certainly represented the lavish love our Savior has poured out upon the world.

So, from Michele and I, thank you so very much for your love for us and our baby girl. We are honored to share this journey with all of you!


Anonymous said...

Kyle -
I feel terrible! I still have your gift with me but I can't find the card.... I need your address again to send it :( Sorry for the delay!
Stephanie Jerrels

Kyle P. said...

Steph - don't feel bad! It's been super hectic for us too. You are so sweet for even thinking of us.


Roger Garrett said...

I just read on Big that your girl was born. That is awesome news. Congrats

Natalie said...

I just figured out the Twitter thing and saw your photos! I needs to kiss me some Kari!